Thinking through our feelings of compassion for the “huddled masses” flooding into Europe

A lot of simplistic emotional platitudes are being spouted about the migrant crisis in Europe, but the truth of the matter is there’s nothing simple about it. Much of it is being articulated in meme-like sound bites.

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A political spectrum that simply measures Centralized vs. Decentralized control

I saw this fascinating graphic – a political ideology continuum that turns the axis vertical to avoid the “left vs. right” paradigm we usually see and which isn’t always accurate. The top represents the most government control – central planning, authoritarian, etc. The bottom is the least government control – localized control only, or anarchy. This is in some ways a much more useful way to view and discuss political opinions today. In this graphic, both German Nazism and Soviet Communism would be together at the top, while a confederated, tribal system of local authority would be near (but not at) the bottom.

How Lying to Advance “The Cause” Ends Up Driving Honest People from Leadership

I encourage everyone taking part in this year’s election adventures, whatever your ideology or “Cause” is, to demand essential honesty from its messaging. Be skeptical about ANY movement that openly defends the use of lies to achieve or maintain power.

Does “the Cause” consider it acceptable to circulate an untruth IF it furthers the Cause? Are members shunned if they tell a truth that is perceived to reflect negatively on the Cause? In my experience it’s nearly impossible to retain good leaders in such movements because institutionalized lying has a demoralizing effect on the average person’s conscience, especially over time, even if they’re part of a movement whose over-arching mission they strongly believe in.

Leaders who expect honesty in their private lives and relationships become conflicted, and are gradually leapfrogged by leaders less troubled with duplicity and eager to take the reins. And at that point the Cause itself becomes increasingly vulnerable to internal corruption.

Prediction of Leftist violence and agitation in 2016 U.S. elections

I’m predicting election-day violence in 2016. Probably starting before election day, actually, in an attempt to destabilize and energize. Massive attempt to cast doubt upon the results of the election. This is what the Left has to do (and has done on smaller scales) to have any chance of not losing a significant amount of power. What would Alinsky do?