Thinking through our feelings of compassion for the “huddled masses” flooding into Europe

A lot of simplistic emotional platitudes are being spouted about the migrant crisis in Europe, but the truth of the matter is there’s nothing simple about it. Much of it is being articulated in meme-like sound bites.

Here are some thoughts based on well known, hardly disputable facts:

  1. Yes it is a humanitarian crisis, and many of the migrants are indeed refugees fleeing war and sometimes persecution. However, a great number are also simply taking advantage of an easy opportunity to get to a better life – thousands have come from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan, and other areas where there is no war. Finally, some of the migrants are in fact members of ISIS. ISIS themselves have said repeatedly they would be sending their fighters into Europe.
  2. The issuing of fake passports, widely suspected for months, was recently exposed when a “master forger” was arrested weeks ago in Thailand. All one needed to get into Europe was a few hundred dollars to pay for one.
  3. There’s practically no ability to vet the incoming asylum seekers. Border security forces are essentially overwhelmed as a mass of people flow in like ants. There is no responsible control of who’s coming in or how. There is also no quarantine for diseases.
  4. No Muslim nations are taking these people. Why? No pity for their Arab kinsmen? Either that or they don’t have resources, or don’t want the jihad trouble. Apparently ‘Open Borders’ only applies to western countries. Saudi Arabia is taking no one, though they did promise to pay for 200 new mosques in Germany.
  5. Host nations naively allow migrants to govern themselves, by their own law, sharia. This has created no-go zones – there are at least 53 in Sweden – where the police cannot go without numbers. “Taharrush” gang rape, honor killings, child sex abuse (Rotherham, UK), petty crime, drug gangs, and ethnic rivalries have western law enforcement officials heavily under-staffed.
  6. Migrants are often easily radicalized in these communities and are now telling women how to dress, demanding no pork, threatening for supremacy (German prayer room), etc. This is not reasonable requests for job opportunities and to raise kids. It’s sharia.
  7. Because left-leaning EU governments are bumbling stupidly with this crisis, going from naive welcome to excuse-making, to outright cover-up, the “far-right” is increasing in popularity, which was totally unnecessary.



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