The Left’s ongoing romance with Islam

In the last few years the Left has increasingly allied itself politically with radical Islam – a religion which the Left had traditionally seen as “extremely far right”, similar to Christianity. It’s one of the weirdest partnerships in the history of American politics, as the two groups have virtually nothing in common. The Left is overwhelmingly secular, sexually liberal, culturally “progressive”. Islam is intensely religious, sexually old-fashioned, vehemently traditional culturally (to put it mildly), etc. In fact Islam holds positions on nearly all social issues that are diametrically opposed to the positions of the Left. So what’s up with this, and what is the endgame of the so-called “Red-Green” Alliance?

What common ground is there, politically, between gay marriage advocates and people who want to throw homosexuals to their deaths off roofs? Or between feminists and gang rapists? Between citizens of a free society and honor killings? Between liberal secularists and reactionary religious zealots? Could there ever be any agreement or overlap between these positions? Of course not.

David Horowitz wrote of the Unholy Alliance as far back as 2004, but few Americans have been aware of this connection until the last few years when the Left has begun to make common cause with Muslims as a supposedly persecuted minority and invented the term “Islamophobia“. Since that time it’s become increasingly clear, as the Left in the United States has drifted further and more quickly leftwards, that Islam presents for them the nearest and best opportunity to help them achieve one of their primary aims: the destruction of America.

What is it about Islam that the Left wants? An exceptional record of violence and disruption, a willingness to use terror to destabilize, and endless revolutionary fervor. They may not have the same ultimate goal in mind as American leftists, but they could be highly useful and destroying the existing order, after which the Left can remake America in its own image (or so they believe). In short, radical Islam provides a ready-made revolutionary vanguard that America lacks.

For one the many excellently researched and footnoted essays on this subject, see Daniel Greenfield’s June, 2015 “A Romance with Islamism” at


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