Get ready for election violence, courtesy of the tolerant Left

American elections and election-related events such as conventions and rallies have been peaceful and law-abiding for the last century or more, one minor exception being the leftist-inspired riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. However, the leftist elite in America, after nearly eight years of unprecedented successes, is justifiably concerned about a huge popular backlash against its many lawless, arbitary, and power-grabbing shenanigans during the Obama administration. Which is why it plans to do everything it can to disrupt, obfuscate, or otherwise sabotage the people’s attempt to be heard at the polls this year.

We’ve already had a forestaste of what is planned, courtesy of the small but organized (and violent) Occupy Wall Street actions early in Obama’s presidency, as well as the more stridently thuggish Black Lives Matter riots in the last year and a half. Now that there’s a strong possibility the Left’s revolutionary program to transform America will be derailed or at least delayed by the 2016 elections, they are ready to pull out all the stops. An emerging front organization called “Democracy Spring” is actually a coalition of left-wing groups that is willing to spend big bucks to rent mobs and pay for violence. The financial backers of this movement? George Soros-funded operations such as, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Demos as well as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), whose Chicago branch kindly drove protestors to the Donald Trump rally that was cancelled last month. Other supporters: People for the American Way, People for Bernie, Young Democratic Socialists, and the founders of Code Pink.

Officially, the group states it plans no violence, though they do they plan to risk arrest. Of course, from a legal perspective it would be foolish to state in writing any plans to break the law. But we will see whether or not the intended protests are violent or lawbreaking. If the Black Lives Matter “protests” in Ferguson and Baltimore are any indication, we can expect violence and intimidation to be extremely likely. After all, just look at this incomplete list of events disrupted by leftist groups since November:

March 19th, 2016: attempting to stop drivers from attending a Donald Trump Rally in Arizona, stopping traffic for 90 minutes and inconveniencing, and in fact imperiling the lives of both those headed to the rally and those simply in a rush to get to their doctor’s appointments or pick up their kids after school.

March 12th: professional protester Thomas DiMassimo rushed the stage at a Trump event. He didn’t like what Trump has to say, so in true progressive fashion he determined to force his opinion on everyone else.

March 11: progressives rioted at a Trump rally in Chicago, and when Trump cancelled it due to safety concerns, they celebrated their victory over opposing ideas by calling him a coward.

…this violence is not about Trump. It’s the way they do business on the left. If it were about Trump, then what about this:

March 18th: Gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from speaking in San Franscisco. No concrete reason was given; Milo speculates that he was too gay for San Francisco to tolerate.

February 25th: Cal State students blocked the doors so that they – or anyone else – would not have to hear Ben Shapiro talk about campus bullying. Once inside the venue they activated the fire alarm. They also assaulted a disabled man – a liberal – who simply wanted to hear what Shapiro had to say.

November 9th, 2015: University of Missouri assistant fascist Melissa Click assaulted a student journalist, famously calling for some muscle to attack non-progressive reporters.

November 7th, 2015: Yale students disrupted a William F. Buckley event. One student was removed by force, and several attendees were spat upon.

So what should we expect between now and election day (or even inauguration day)? Intimidation, violence, and other lawbreaking for a start. It’s the tried and true leftist way, after all. Additionally, expect the protestors to blame their own actions on their political opponents. The Nazi SA did this to the German communists in the early 1930s — the worse the violence, the more it was the communists’ fault. Another thing we should expect is for the protests to be called “spontaneous”, as if it simply arose organically from the anger of the People on the day of the event. But a little quick research will reveal the protests were planned well in advance, carefully choregraphed, and used paid protestors via ads on Craigslist.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with protesting anything peacefully. But the Left is not interested in peace, the law, free speech or democracy. Its interest is in revolution, hence its perennial choice of violence and intimidation as its preferred mode of operation. The police should do their duty and arrest law breakers, though given the constant national smackdown of U.S. law enforcement over the past three years, the police will unfortunately be extremely reluctant to act against any illegal protest actions. And that of course is exactly what the Left is counting on.

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