U.S. Welfare Now Pays for 4 ‘Wives’ per Husband (Wry Smile)

The territory of Utah applied numerous times in the late 19th century to become a state of the Union, but its applications were repeatedly denied by the U.S. government. When Utah finally disavowed polygamy, they were admitted as the 45th state in 1896. Polygamy was never considered fair or appropriate by the American nation, and it was a good thing that Utah was able to get over it.

Today however the U.S. government, without actual people ever voting on the matter, is allowing polygamy in Michigan – and subsidizing it, actually. A short article in American Thinker details this phenomenon and attaches a video that describes the process in some detail. The article rightly points out that the government is essentially paying Muslim immigrants to break the law, and by way of this welfare policy, is encouraging the importation not so much of a people but of an ideology and way of life that is highly at odds with western values and practice.

In the author’s words, “To allow a different system of law is to cede a portion of our country.” We are already seeing where this has gone in France, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium – towards hundreds of tiny Sharia-governed nations inside – but unassimilated and not accountable to – their host nations. Not only is it breaking the bank of our already over-strained welfare system, it is setting us up for an unhappy confrontation of worldviews down the road.

By James Longstreet  •  May 25, 2016

Nothing remarkable here except the lack of outrage resulting from the lack of reporting.

Michigan, and the Dearborn area in particular, is a beehive of Arab culture.  In this video, the federal financial subsidization of immigrants is melded with a federal subsidization of non-assimilation.

Extended financial support greets and welcomes customs and culture in direct conflict with American values and traditions.

In Michigan, food stamps are issued to Arab men and their wives.  Thankfully, it is limited to four wives.

The federal government sponsors non-assimilation and fosters what essentially is illegal behavior.  To allow multiple wives is to allow a different system of law.  To allow a different system of law is to cede a portion of our country.

Can it be anything but intentional?

For the federal government to not only allow, but foster such activity boggles the mind of any patriot.

The federal government in the past seven years has surreptitiously fostered the degradation of the United States of America.  The transformation has led to a tapping into our wealth (if a nation $19 trillion in debt can qualify) and a demographic destruction of the fabric of America at the hands of curious immigration standards and practices.

Though our history of immigration is deep, those prior to this era at hand, the Irish, Swedish, German, et al., assimilated.  The laws and language of America became their own as they maintained a pride in their heritage.  Additionally and of equal importance, that influx of immigration did not expect governmental handouts.


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