Vermont Mayor Planned Secretly to Plant Muslim Migrant Community in His Town Without Consulting Anyone

Every American should educate themselves on how the refugee process in the U.S. works today, what bodies are authorized to decide which applicants for asylum are accepted, how those decisions are made, who determines the flow rate, how migrants are placed, and who has vested interests in the process. You’ll be flabberghasted (as I was).

A good place to start is Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch, which she has been running since at least 2007, long before the issue of Muslim immigration had any national prominence. At this link you’ll find information on who the 9 federal resettlement contractors are, the Refugee Act of 1980, annual reports to Congress, and much else. The Center for Security Policy is another good website, though they are focused more on the broader questions of national security, not simply the dangers of unchecked Muslim immigration. Another site I recently discovered is Creeping Sharia, which reports from many local news sources on current events related to Muslim immigration and the incremental but steady increases in demands from Muslim leaders and communities for concessions to Sharia Law.

Refugee Resettlement Watch has already reported almost exhaustively on the outrageous situation in Rutland, VT, but the article below from the Creeping Sharia blog gives a highly useful summary of the main story. Bear in the mind two extremely important facts that have come to light not just to Rutland but in nearly ALL the refugee resettlements in the U.S.:

1) local citizens where the refugees are being placed rarely have any voice in the process, let alone foreknowledge that their town is to become a refugee settlement;  

2) there is a tremendous amount of money being made by the federal contractors with next to no oversight

Vermont: Mayor planned in secret, now 100 Muslim migrants forced on tiny town

Source: Jihad Watch who writes:

Surprise! After secret talks, tiny Vermont town gets 100 Muslim migrants

“…we can’t possibly have a public discussion about whether the migrants have possible links to terrorism. That would be “Islamophobic.”

“Vermont city prepares for Syrian refugees with welcome, wariness,” by Craig F. Walker, Boston Globe, May 13, 2016

RUTLAND, Vt. — Marble quarries known the world over once attracted immigrants to this small city tucked beside the Green Mountains. Now, a simple quest for peace and safety is beckoning a new group.

Mayor Christopher Louras has unveiled a plan, developed in near-secrecy, to resettle 100 Syrian refugees who fled the onslaught of the Islamic State and are exiled in sprawling Jordanian camps.

If approved by the State Department and others, the resettlement would begin in October and gradually send Rutland more Syrian refugees than are currently living anywhere else in New England.

The influx would be a jolt of instant cultural diversity for Rutland, where there are no mosques and no other Syrian immigrants. Most residents appear ready to welcome the refugees, mindful of the harrowing images of Syrians desperately seeking refuge outside their ravaged country.

“They have nowhere to live,” said Jerry Dubeau, a 59-year-old who supports the move. “That’s what this country is all about. We’re all from somewhere else.”

But mingled with good wishes has been a touch of fear, and simmering anger that the decision was made behind closed doors.

“Their culture is different than ours. Their world is just different than ours,” said Chris Kiefer-Cioffi, a selectwoman in a neighboring town who worked for 27 years on the Rutland police force.

Some residents have asked whether the refugees would be inoculated, others have wondered whether a terrorist could infiltrate the group, and still more have questioned what the dollars-and-cents costs will be for caring for people arriving with little but their clothes.

Months-long discussions about whether to invite the Syrians were limited to the mayor, a small circle of city and business leaders, and a nonprofit resettlement agency. The president of the Board of Aldermen, who knew about the effort, did not tell his colleagues until a day or two before Louras announced the plans at an April 26 news conference.

“There was no benefit to anyone to spread the knowledge,” William Notte, the aldermen president, said in an interview.

Louras made no apologies for excluding the public from the planning. If the proposal had been floated earlier, the mayor said, the debate would have become “about them” — meaning the Syrians, their culture, and possible links to terrorism — instead of whether the city had the means to accommodate the refugees.

Once the logistical questions were quietly answered, Louras said, the timing was right for an announcement in this city of 16,500 people, which is 95 percent white and overwhelmingly of Eurpoean ancestry.

“I own it. I took the hits, and I’ll continue to take the hits,” Louras said recently at a downtown pig roast, where he helped dish out the pork to benefit a children’s museum.

Giving the refugees a home here will put Rutland on the right side of history, the mayor and Notte said.

“The benefits, economically and culturally, that we will recognize is exactly what the community needs at this time,” said Louras, the grandson of a Greek immigrant who fled the Ottoman Turks a century ago. “As much as I want to say it’s for compassionate reasons, I realize that there is not a vibrant, growing, successful community in the country right now that is not embracing new Americans.”

The mayor’s strategy of keeping the plan quiet is supported by the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, which is a field office of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. The program’s executive director, Amila Merdzanovic, called the hidden talks “the right thing to do — to move slowly, keep it to a small circle of people, and then expand.”

Merdzanovic, in e-mails obtained by the Rutland Herald, had stressed the importance of secrecy all along.

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of not sharing the information, even if it is confidentially,” she wrote April 10 to the director of the State Refugee Office.

In an April 14 e-mail to the mayor, Merdzanovic said that her headquarters was worried about scheduling a public forum.

“If we open it up to anybody and everybody, all sorts of people will come out of [the] woodwork,” she wrote. “Anti-immigrant, anti-anything. They suggest that the forum be invite-only but make it as wide as possible.”

Now that the plan is in the open, public sentiment appears solidly positive. At a recent hearing at City Hall, supporters outnumbered opponents, 2 to 1.

And for the foes? “Those concerns are based in fear,” Louras said. “When educated, those fears will be abated.”

Note the supposed overwhelmingly positive sentiment and acceptance of Muslim refugees in this small town? Don’t believe the hype. As Refugee Resettlement Watch writes, just as the decision to Islamize the city of Rutland was predetermined, so too is the blatant media propaganda. It’s called the Delphi Technique!

…a system first developed over 50 years ago that is used now to direct the outcome of a public meeting to a pre-determined conclusion.

More: Rutland, VT refugee controversy confirms what we have been saying for years!

Federal refugee contractors, like the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program operate in secrecy making every effort to get resettlement programs up and running in unsuspecting communities before the general public gets wind of it!

Of course they want no public meeting!
They know they must get the program in place before anyone knows what is happening! Readers, look for this happening where you live.  They are desperate for more cities and towns.  Obama has made promises and there aren’t enough locations to accommodate all of the refugees he wants.

BTW, Merdzanovic’s boss is Lavinia Limon who ran the Office of Refugee Resettlement for Bill Clinton.

Vermont is a Wilson-Fish state which means the contractor and the federal government run the program there with no input from elected state representatives.  There is zero chance that the present governor would ever stand up for States’ Rights.

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