Orlando ISIS Attack: How Will Moderate Muslims Respond?

There have been 18 Islam-inspired attacks in North America since 2014. It is often said that the vast majority of America Muslims are moderates, that they reject “radical” Islam and all the coercive violence associated with it. Each time there is a new Islam-inspired attack, whether it is a lone wolf jihadi in Merced, Philadelphia, Columbus, or Toronto; or an organized operation involving a terrorist cell in Garland, San Bernardino, or Orlando, there is an opportunity for moderate Muslims everywhere to speak out clearly and defiantly against the violence perpetrated in their name.

These are opportunities for individual Muslims, but more importantly for Muslim organizations that represent thousand of American Muslims, to condemn Islamist violence categorically. It also provides a vital spotlight for these organizations to state how they believe these attacks can be prevented, how the “true Islam” which they claim is peaceful can be reclaimed from jihadis, as well as how to prevent radicalization in the mosques. Organizations such as CAIR and ISNA, which are ideally placed in the U.S. to take on this role and speak unequivocally without weasel words, have not done so yet. Orlando represents another chance.

A tremendous barrier to this occurring is the voluminous evidence in all directions that mosques and Islamic authorities are speaking out of two sides of their mouth, a concept known in Islam as taqiyya. Below is a video providing irrefutable, recent evidence of an Orlando mosque teaching that all gays must die. h/t to Pamela Geller at her Atlas Shrugs blog.

Video: Imam at Orlando Mosque April 2016 ALL GAYS MUST DIE

Pamela Geller  *  12 June, 2016

Why wasn’t this imam asked to speak at today’s taqiyya press conferences post-gay massacre in Orlando?

And while Muslims in the US generically condemn “terror,” where are they teaching against the Islamic texts and teachings that inspire the slaughter?


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