Look for Leftist Street Violence in Cleveland

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Leftist groups are planning to “protest” the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month, though one wonders what will be protested: the right to assemble peaceably? Freedom of association? Freedom of speech? If recent experience holds true, we can expect organized violence by rent-a-mobs directed at both Trump supporters and the police. It’s an old trick of totalitarian thugs.

During the convention we can expect the media to report – as if they are shocked and surprised – that violence has “erupted” or peaceful demonstrations “have turned violent”, as if that wasn’t the plan. But we can predict with some confidence (based on experience) the violence will be not only planned in advance, but central to the protest’s purpose, as it was when leftist groups shut down a Trump rally in Chicago, completely brought traffic to a halt in Arizona, and attacked rally goers in San Jose. The advance planning, of course, will give lie to the protestors’ likely claim that they were forced into violence by their opponents. Hitler always blamed his brownshirt disruption of communist meetings on the Communists themselves.

It is only the Left using organized violence, because it is they who fear a populist backlash against the rapid progress Barack Obama has made in shoving the country leftward the last seven years. The anti-democratic transformations of the U.S. by Obama were bound to create popular resistance, and the only way to prevent a tide of populism sweeping the nation in November is to target it and neutralize it, through any means necessary.

Lee Stranahan of Breitbart has compiled a list below of around 20 of the 40 leftist groups planning to agitate on the streets during the convention.


Dozens of Leftist Groups Plan RNC Protest Coalition

 by Lee Stranahan *  27 Jun 2016

The leftist website Fight Back! News is promoting a list of about 40 groups planning to protest at July’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The “Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC” rally is scheduled for July 18, the first day of the Republican National Convention. FightBack reports that the “protest will put forward the slogans, “Dump Trump, Say No to the Republican Agenda. Stand against Racist, Anti-immigrant and Anti-Muslim Attacks. We demand Peace, Justice and Equality” and goes on to say:

“We’re hoping for a march that draws thousands,” states Coalition spokesperson Mick Kelly. “There is a growing tide of anger in the country, directed against Trump and the reactionary, anti-people agenda of the Republican Party. We intend to fill the streets with people who reject their racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim attacks.”

One notable attendee will be the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) that openly advocates for minorities to secede from the union and form their own racial nation states, as seen in now common protest memes like “Make America Mexico Again.”

The FRSO is also connected to the Black Lives Matter movement and has major political connections in the city of San Francisco, as detailed in Treason: Dangerous Agenda Behind S.F. Sanctuary City Group, written after this reporter was illegally thrown out of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting. The article demonstrates how members of the board, including lead sanctuary city advocate John Avalos have direct connections to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. In fact, one member of the FRSO was a paid member of Avalos’s staff during his failed attempt to become mayor of San Francisco.

Another group planning to attend is Students and Graduate Activists at University of Illinois, Chicago. SAGA was one of the groups that help shut down the Donald Trump rally in Chicago months ago that became a turning point in the campaign when Ted Cruz and other Trump rivals blamed Donald Trump himself for the outbreaks of leftist violence.

One member of the group bragged on fightback.org:

Kait McIntyre, another member of SAGA, says, “shutting down Trump at UIC was historic and a beautiful illustration of what people are able to accomplish when they unite anda work together. The action inspired similar demonstrations around the country, capturing interest and giving hope to all those fighting for justice across the world. I believe the march on the RNC will show us the same thing.”

Note that Kait McIntyre is a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, who has hosted anti-Israel events for the group in Chicago.

The other groups listed as planning to attend are listed below and linked to their website so you can who is in the far-left coalition opposing Trump and what they believe.

For example, a number of the group have also been part of rallies to support convicted terrorist murderer and illegal alien Rasmea Odeh, who Breitbart has written about previously:

Lee Stranahan is the director of the upcoming film The Bloody Road to Cleveland,the sequel to the 2012 film Occupy Unmasked. Follow him on Twitter. 

One thought on “Look for Leftist Street Violence in Cleveland

  1. Well, this prediction didn’t quite pan out. There was no violence at all in Cleveland. But there was also an unexpectedly strong police presence. I was expecting some BLM or Occupy Wall Street type protesting, but maybe they’re saving that for election day (or inauguration day if you-know-who wins!!!)



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