The Incredible Shrinking Western Civilization

Western civilization is disappearing under the importation of millions of high birth-rate Muslims. But that’s only half the reason why the West is dying – the other reason has nothing to do with Islam at all.

To use author Mark Steyn’s phrase, the western world is going out of business because it’s given up having babies. There has been a demographic decline occurring in slow motion for several decades in Europe and North America, beginning around 1960 and becoming steadily worse since then. The “replacement rate”, i.e. the rate at which a society will maintain a steady population over time is roughly 2.1 children per family. Steyn notes, “Some countries are well above that: the global fertility leader, Somalia, is 6.91, Niger 6.83, Afghanistan 6.78, Yemen 6.75.” At the other end of the scale are the western nations:

Scroll way down to the bottom of the Hot One Hundred top breeders and you’ll eventually find the United States, hovering just at replacement rate with 2.07 births per woman. Ireland is 1.87, New Zealand 1.79, Australia 1.76. But Canada’s fertility rate is down to 1.5, well below replacement rate; Germany and Austria are at 1.3, the brink of the death spiral; Russia and Italy are at 1.2; Spain 1.1, about half replacement rate. That’s to say, Spain’s population is halving every generation. By 2050, Italy’s population will have fallen by 22%.

Together these two facts – the under-replacement of native Europeans and the importation of Muslims into the same space – are in the process of creating the most rapid, non-wartime cultural shift in world history. In France, the European nation with the highest percentage of Muslims, 25% of all teenagers are Muslim. The Pew Research Center has done a prodigious amount of research on this subject and has an article here that’s highly worth the read. According to various sources including UNICEF, 75% – 90% of those migrating into the EU are males. Citing the danger of this trend, Politico calls this “Europe’s Man Problem“.

The Gatestone Institute has also produced an interesting, though disturbing video, asking if Europe is doomed by migrants.

Published on Jun 18, 2016

Most of the millions of overwhelmingly male migrants who have come to Europe in the past two years are not refugees fleeing war zones. Douglas Murray discusses the total failure of Germany and other countries to integrate the migrants, and what the consequences will be. “If you have jobs in Germany that need filling, why on earth wouldn’t you fill them with the young people from Italy, Greece, Portugal and other European countries, who are unemployed at the moment?”

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