Black Lives Matter Releases “Policy Agenda”

Black Lives Matter, an anti-democratic agitprop front group funded in part by George Soros, recently released a “policy agenda”. Speaking in melodramatic, generalized sentences (like “End the war on black people.”), the group’s supposed leadership unfortunately shows only cliches and slogans.

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European Union Bravely Shows Rest of World How to Drink Hemlock

The political elites of the EU wanted this. They promoted it, they subsidized it, and they imported it, via hundreds of ferries across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. For some reason Angela Merkel loves the taste of this hemlock and seems to want more, though it may kill her and the rest of Europe.

But the EU’s unelected, unaccountable elites (and George Soros) thought it would be a great idea to import millions of unvetted Muslims from the middle east, north Africa, and Afghanistan as fast as possible; to pay for that importation using EU taxpayer money; and to put all the newcomers on the public dole for the forseeable future. One day history may look back on that decision and scratch its head, or weep.

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At West Virginia University, Big Brother Is Watching Your Pronouns

While economies are suffering and international order is falling apart, here at home we’re solving the problems of humankind by inventing words nobody wants and that mean nothing. “Ve”, “ver”, and “vis” are the shiny new words you have to use at West Virginia University, or the Thought Police will want to have a word with you.

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US Warship in the Strait of Hormuz in Need of “Safe Space”

Two days ago the USS destroyer Nitze was deeply triggered by a not nice, high speed approach of 4 smaller Iranian boats. Wounded by this deliberate provocation the Nitze fired 10 flares above the oncoming ships and pleaded with them by radio 12 times to stop it, just stop it.

Being in international waters, however, there was no university administration in the vicinity to provide counseling to the afflicted ship (which self-identifies as a “naval destroyer”) or offer a safe space where the Nitze could feel affirmed.

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More Than 1,000 Known Child Marriages in Germany

Under what social or economic conditions would we allow child marriage? Are there any such conditions? And yet it’s happening by the hundreds in Europe, possibly reaching over a thousand in the last 18 months since the massive Muslim importation began. What’s worse is many of the girls getting married are going missing first.

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Americans Obsessing About Electing a President Instead of a Congress That Can Restrain a President

There have been key moments in American history when the two parties in Congress operated as part of the same team, the Legislature, and stood up to difficult presidents. Nowadays it seems the president’s party in Congress is usually aligned with the Executive against the other congressional party. Different strategies for different times, perhaps, but one thing critically important about 2016 is that whoever is elected in November should be faced by a Congress that fears not the Veto Threat.

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