At West Virginia University, Big Brother Is Watching Your Pronouns

While economies are suffering and international order is falling apart, here at home we’re solving the problems of humankind by inventing words nobody wants and that mean nothing. “Ve”, “ver”, and “vis” are the shiny new words you have to use at West Virginia University, or the Thought Police will want to have a word with you.

In actuality, these speech codes – like all campus and corporate speech codes – are not really about allowing marginalized voices, they are about attaching a spring-loaded mousetrap onto the tongue of every person. It’s not about opening up and loosening, it’s about closing up and constricting. If you can muzzle the human tongue on pronouns, muzzling it on nouns and verbs will be child’s play. We need to recognize these speech codes for what they are: a temptation to tyrants and an invitation for totalitarianism.

At the American Thinker website, Rick Moran relates the sad story of WVU’s new policy, which, in the minds of its administrative eggheads, is the product of essential, urgent social justice. Because in the thousands of years human beings have lived and died on Earth, we never really understood fundamental Truth until now.


At West Virginia University, if you use anything but a “gender neutral” pronoun you could be in violation of federal law, according to guidelines issued by the school’s Title IX office.

Instead of using “he or she,” students and faculty will be forced to use “ve, ver, or vis.”

Ve, ver, vis?


Daily Caller:

WVU’s Title IX office informs students that federal law — as interpreted by WVU — guarantees students “the right to be called by the name and pronouns consistent with your gender identity.”

More generally, WVU says, all students “have the right to be treated according to the gender you identify with.”

The school offers a handy guide on “Proper prounoun usage” that explains how to swap out pronouns such as he, him and his for gender neutral prounouns such as “ve,” “ver” and “vis.”

The guide offers a plethora of pronoun choices for WVU students and employees to use, including the “Spivak” pronoun “Ey.” The sentence “His eyes gleam,” the guide explains, becomes “eir eyes gleam” when using Spivak pronouns.

“Some people may not want a lot of public attention to their pronouns, while others will appreciate you standing up for them. If someone uses the wrong pronoun for a person who isn’t present, try a brief correction,” the guide advises.

“WVU’s Office of Equity Assurance investigates any Title IX related incidents reported to the University,” the university website promises. James Goins, the university’s Title IX coordinator, has not yet returned an email seeking comment.

In May, the Obama administration released a “Dear Colleague” letter informing public schools at the K-12 level that “Under Title IX, a school must treat students consistent with their gender identity even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex.”

The letter warns, ” The Departments have resolved Title IX investigations with agreements committing that school staff and contractors will use pronouns and names consistent with a transgender student’s gender identity.”

Again, you will be forced to care.

Beyond the rank idiocy if these guidelines, we get a glimpse of the how the war on language is being conducted.

For us normal people, language is used to communicate and illuminate ideas and concepts so that everyone understands what everyone else is saying.

Not so with the gender warriors. Since they have absolutely no rational case for their cockamamie ideas about “gender fluidity,” they must use language to obscure intent, stifle communication, and sow confusion. And, of course, use the authority of the Title IX office to bully anyone who dares disagree.

These made up pronouns are not part of the English language. They are an artificial construct created to set transgender, multi- gender, and others who are gender confused apart from the rest of us, giving the lie to the notion that transgenders want to be treated as anyone else. They have their own codes, their own signals to which the rest of us will be forced to adopt.

They’ve already succeeded at West Virginia University.

One thought on “At West Virginia University, Big Brother Is Watching Your Pronouns

  1. Seriously???? What happened to just teaching kids their subjects and preparing them for the real world? Why do colleges now feel they have to force all this crap on everyone?



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