Why Riots in NC Instead of OK Where Racist Shooting Occurred? Because Oklahoma’s Not a Battleground State

A white policewoman in Tulsa, OK uses what appeared to be excessive force in shooting an unarmed, black suspect after he had already been tased and was on the ground. A black policeman in Charlotte, NC shoots an armed, dangerous black career criminal after nearly a dozen warnings to drop his gun. Yet there’s not a single protest or picket sign in Oklahoma – all the destruction and mayhem is in North Carolina. And why is that?

As we’ve noted several times this year, Black Lives Matter isn’t and never was a grassroots organization interested in black lives or racial justice, but an astroturfed political street organization heavily funded by the Left with anti-American, anti-democracy goals. Apart from delighting in the killing of police officers of any race and being invited to the White House by President Obama multiple times, they are also being used as a get-out-the-vote machine for the Democrats as we approach the November elections.

Toss-up states such as Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) and North Carolina (15), which the Democrats badly need to convert to their side, have seen the two most recent incidents of Black Lives Matter mob violence, even though the supposed catalyst for these riots were black policemen shooting gun-wielding black felons who refused to put down their weapons when lawfully ordered to.

Other sensible venues for BLM get-out-the-vote thuggery between now and Election Day are the remaining swing states with a significant block of electoral votes: Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Michigan (16), or Virginia (13). In his 9/23 broadcast radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh stated,

Have you noticed there aren’t any race riots, riots period, in Oklahoma?  In Oklahoma you actually had a white female cop shoot an African-American perpetrator, and there’s literally nothing. …In Charlotte, where you had an African-American cop, who, you look at this guy’s resume, this guy’s awesome, by the way. And you had an African-American perp, and immediately the Nation of Islam guy comes out and says, “We need to boycott all white businesses and all white stores.”  Wait a minute, no whites involved here, and yet two nights of terror and one night of peace and calm.

But nothing in Oklahoma, nothing, where there actually is a racial component to what happened.  …Why are the civil rights crowds and the Black Lives Matter groups and the people loyal to the Reverend Jackson, why aren’t they in Oklahoma?  Why aren’t they raising hell in Oklahoma and why are they raising hell in North Carolina, where there isn’t a racial component?

Right.  Exactly right.  Oklahoma is gone.  Oklahoma is in the Trump camp.  There’s no reason to spend any time or money there.  North Carolina, Hillary’s in trouble, they need the black turnout…

And Black Lives Matter, they’re all over North Carolina.  There’s not even a racial component.  And yet three nights of protest, two of them pretty raucous, curfews, fires, looting, all of this stuff, why nothing in Oklahoma?  If this doesn’t prove to you that all of this is political.  It’s about the African-American turnout in North Carolina.  Oklahoma’s gone.  It’s in the Trump camp.  They vote Republican; there’s no hope.  North Carolina still up for grabs.


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