VIDEO: DNC Operative Reveals Plan to Stage Bullying of Women at Trump Rally

The Left is increasingly about faking and dishonesty. Whether it’s creating a narrative, exploiting a crisis, or wholesale street theatre to manufacture as real something that isn’t real at all, this is what they do best. Because their cause is so just, so righteous, they are excused from the normal rules of ethics and honesty. More Project Veritas video showing the shameless lengths to which the Democratic National Committee will go to try to convince America to vote for Hillary.


DNC Operative Reveals Plan to Stage Bullying of Women at Trump Rally (Video)

by Daniel Greenfield  *  19 October, 2016

It’s the same old “chicks up front” protest ethos of the left. Except it’s being routed through billion dollar campaigns as part of a presidential bid. This is the left in its full executive and corporate glory while still relying on its same old protest tactics which involve manufacturing images that make them appear to be the victims.

Here James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showcases Aaron Black, a DNC operative, discussing a plan to push back against images of Trump supporters being attacked by DNC thugs to show instead anti-Trump protesters being attacked in very selective ways.

What we’ve been seeing in the media is a very effective manufactured narrative. The DNC ops manufactured the images while the media ran with them. And now, as before, the media will fact check the Veritas videos and will tell you not to believe your own lying ears.


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