Dutch Town Cancels Christmas Celebrations for Fear of Berlin-style Jihad Massacre

Timidity in the face of barbarity. We’ve seen this pattern increasing across Europe as the 2015 wave of massive Muslim immigration has led to jihadist attacks and fear of attacks. Here was a case not so much of a specific threat as it was the native Dutch citizens deciding they simply didn’t want their elementary school children to experience an atmosphere of unease during a town Christmas festival.

Imagine if a community canceled a multi-cultural celebration because it feared provoking a car bomb or mass shootings from Baptists. Would we say, “Well, we really need to be attentive to the religious sensibilities of groups that have different values”? Hardly. We would call out the police and government not only to protect innocent lives at a specific event, but to work assiduously to expose and prosecute those who carried out, planned, or advocated such attacks. And we wouldn’t hesitate to vote out of office anyone who didn’t feel like rooting out such a destructive terrorist ideology from among us.

But somehow Islam is privileged not to be subject to our quaint western customs of live-and-let-live.


Dutch town cancels Christmas celebrations for fear of Berlin-style jihad massacre

by Robert Spencer [Jihad Watch] * 23 December, 2016

“Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the enemies of Allah and your enemies…” (Qur’an 8:60)

And it works: jihadis have struck terror in Europeans. Are European authorities going to continue to exacerbate the problem with their immigration policies?

“Christmas celebrations in Meppel canceled due to ‘Berlin,’” De Telegraaf (Google Translate), December 21, 2016:

A Christmas celebration with more than two thousand children in the town of Meppel is canceled tomorrow. The eight elementary schools and the town of Meppel concerned decided Wednesday to pull the plug out of the event because they fear for the safety of those present.

School Director and organizer Herman Langhorst says he does not want to risk something happening on a busy square full of young children.

All parents Wednesday received a letter of explanation. “Obviously events and current developments in the world played a role in our decision,” it said. It would have been the first time that there would be a Christmas celebration on such a large scale in Meppel.

According Langhorst saw the municipality no objection to the cancellation of the event, but it was the schools themselves who do not want the risk. “Everyone’s a little tense because of recent events. You do not want a panic when someone shoots off a firecracker or other fireworks. ”

The Christmas celebration for primary school pupils are now celebrated on the schools themselves. Furthermore, there is a program for groups of seven and eight in the Cross Church in Meppel.


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