CNN, MSNBC Personally Give You Permission to Call Kanye West the Following Insulting Names…

“Dumb”, “Mentally Ill”, “a house Negro”, “a Token”, “a Minstrel”, “a White Supremacist”. Yes you got that last one correct, a white supremacist. According to CNN Kanye West believes white people are ze Master Race, which justifies exercising supremacy over other races. How stupid do the mainstream news outlets think the average American is? Pretty stupid.

This is a glorious case study in the hypocrisy of the left, who will immediate excoriate as racist anyone who criticizes their blacks but who are themselves the first to throw stones at blacks who oppose the left’s party line. Well Chicago rapper Kanye West, for whatever reason or motivations, has in recent weeks expressed unforgivable opinions about freedom of speech, the president, America, and black people coming to their own conclusions.

Democrats’ ‘Kanye Derangement Syndrome’ Explodes

by Roger L. Simon  [PJ Media]  * 12 October, 2018

The Democrats are having a full on freakout — virtually “intergalactic” in Louisiana Senator Kennedy’s now-immortal phrase — in their response to Kanye West’s support, indeed embrace, of Donald Trump.

As well they might…. ‘Ye is a one-man wrecking crew to their beloved identity politics — a reactionary methodology about as progressive as the Mongol hordes and even more racist.  In case the great “liberals,” or whatever they choose to call themselves, have forgotten, it was the Soviets  who instituted the internal passport system identifying everyone’s ethnic identities (Uzbek, Estonian, Jew, etc.) in order to maximize control. How “progressive” was that? (On second thought, maybe it was.)

Well, never mind.  Times change and so do world views.  It’s all expediency, dontcha know?  But according to a tweet from Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan, here are the various ways what we may now safely call full-blown Kanye Derangement Syndrome is expressing itself.

We can add to that Snoop Dogg calling Kanye an “Uncle Tom” and, most ridiculous and reactionary of all, Donna Brazile proclaiming ‘Ye had set blacks back “155 years.”  That, needless to say, is the same Ms. Brazile who cheated during the election by passing CNN questions in advance to Hillary Clinton and then lied about it.

As a shameful political hack, Brazile’s criticism probably only helps West, who is the opposite of a conventional pol like Donna.  It’s likely she realizes that — she’s not stupid — and it is a mark of the growing power of KDS (i.e. the acknowledgment Kanye is actually a threat to the Dems’ divisive, antediluvian politics) that she went ahead with her nitwit comment anyway.

Kanye’s Not Alone: Blacks Are Deserting the Dems

This is all in the face of the uncomfortable fact (to her and other Democrats) that black unemployment is at its lowest level ever and that their salaries are rising, neither of which happened under Obama.  Both West and Brazile have noticed this, but only Kanye had the honesty to call this for what it is — a good thing.  Donna ignores this, preferring to brand Trump as a racist — with about as much evidence as Blasey Ford had on Brett Kavanaugh.

Increasingly, this is backfiring.  African-Americans…  yes, I’m aware hyphenated Americans are another reactionary, segregationist construct, but let’s stay with it just for the short run… are waking up to years of Democratic Party exploitation and being slaves to a virtual one-party system. This is reflected in the polls, but it is also reflected by the growing abreaction by largely white progressives who are acting out in unprecedented manners.

It’s not at all accidental that the unhinged behavior of these progressives, confronting Republicans in restaurants and so forth, is growing at the same time as Kanye is getting huge publicity for his apostasy.  These white progressives and their black semblables like Maxine and the Rev Al are the most old-fashioned, conformist people around. Avant-garde in 1967, they are now fogeys visiting their cliché-ridden, passé nonsense on new generations.

This makes the thoroughly modern Kanye especially threatening.  Wasn’t being cool supposed to mean being a Democrat?  Sorry, these things change.  They always have.  “There’s nothing so old as the avant-garde” is a cliché for a reason.

As an example, the Greg Gutfeld Show is infinitely hipper (and funnier), in its mocking of trendy hipness, than anything you see on tired late-night television with its perpetual, tedious Trump bashing.  Or SNL, which even Chevy Chase says is “ye olde.”

Perhaps, after all this, Kanye will have his own show. Do you doubt that it would be a smash?

One thought on “CNN, MSNBC Personally Give You Permission to Call Kanye West the Following Insulting Names…

  1. Im stunned at the vitriol coming Kanye’s way from the Dems. Yeah they may hate what he’s saying politically but this total viciousness towards him, questioning his mental health because of his political views? It’s just a dumb strategy and isn’t gonna to work.



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