Greetings! I’m an ordinary, concerned American citizen named Jamie who’s deeply troubled by the “fundamental transformation” of the United States (and the West in general) in the last five years and more. I received a Ph.D. in Early Modern British History from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and I live in the USA.

Having had little interest in speaking out on current events most of my life, I only considered starting a blog when my fear of remaining silent began to outweigh my fear of speaking out. Many people like me have become “citizen journalists” in the last few years as they’ve become increasingly concerned, frustrated, and eventually desperate to get actual, meaningful news and opinions out to the world that the establishment media won’t report on.

American Infrasound went live in February, 2016. Now that I’m doing this, I’m eager to make my own and other’s voices heard on three particularly pressing issues:

  1. Freedom of Speech and the urgent need to stop the increasingly irrational and totalitarian nature of Political Correctness. This is the most fundamentally important issue. Without free speech we could never publicly address issues #2 and 3 below.
  2. Radical Islam (and sharia law), and the need to counter its burgeoning strength in the Middle East, Europe, and the West.
  3. The collapsing of Western civilization and its values, including the decline of the United States in particular.

Some of the articles and essays published under on the American Infrasound moniker will include contributions from others besides me.

Finally, I’m also interested to hear the voices of others, including those who disagree with the ideas presented here. Feel free to comment on any blog post or page. Just please be respectful of others and stick to the issues. You can also contact me directly using the “Contact” link in the top menu.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting materials, Jamie! Thanks for sharing. I think we may find a lot of common ground on your issues #1 and #3. But on #2 I sense we won’t see things quite the same. The threat from Islam is self-created and self-perpetuated by our hyper-aggressive foreign policy that, after the collapse of the USSR, went out looking for trouble and found it in the Middle East. We have come to believe that it’s a great idea for us to drop bombs from drones, as if by video game, killing 80 civilians for every one targeted so-called “terrorist”; and then our leaders feign shock at the anger directed back at us. There is little disagreement that elements of the Islamic world have been radicalized. The question that needs to be asked is WHY? No government will ever have an answer, because government by its nature is force; and the answer is the indiscriminate use of force.

    More later, once I’ve read more of this stuff. Thanks again for sharing.

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    1. Thanks, Michael. Two outta three ain’t bad! Actually, I will agree with you that our invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a mistake. But I think the issue of Islamic hostility to the west, while partially a response to American post-Cold War aggression, does predate the Gulf War, predates the Iranian revolution, and maybe even the establishment of Israel in 1948. Not sure. I’m still learning; reading a lot of Islamic texts and history to broaden my understanding (I’ve found Bernard Lewis helpful as a historian).



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