List of Islamic Terror Attacks in Europe and North America since 2014

Source: A concise table of all Islamic terror attacks in United States since 1972 can be found here. A list of all Islamic terror attacks worldwide in the last 30 days can be found here.
Date Country City Killed Injured Description region
2017.06.03 England London 7 48 Three Muslims shouting “this is for Allah,” plow into pedistrians on London Bridge, then proceed to a market, stabbing people until seven others are dead. EU
2017.06.01 Germany Oldenburg 1 0 A father of two is stabbed to death by two Muslims for smoking during Ramadan and refusing to fast. EU
2017.05.22 England Manchester 22 119 Children are among twenty-two young people blown up at a concert by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. EU
2017.05.19 USA Tampa, FL 2 0 A recent convert shoots two people to death for disrespecting Islam. North America
2017.05.18 Italy Milan 0 3 A militant Muslim stabs three people at a train station. EU
2017.05.05 Chechnya Grozny 1 0 Authorities learn of a 17-year-old pushed off a 9th floor balcony by an uncle for being gay. non-EU
2017.04.29 Germany Prien am Chiemsee 1 0 A woman is stabbed to death in front of her two children over her decision to leave Islam for Christianity. EU
2017.04.27 France Reunion 0 2 An Islamic radical shoots two police officers. EU
2017.04.21 Russia Khabarovsk 2 1 An Islamic State gunman storms a government building and kills two people, including a visitor. non-EU
2017.04.20 France Paris 1 2 An Islamic extremist sprays a police car with bullets along the Champs-Elysees, killing one officer. EU
2017.04.18 USA Fresno, CA 3 0 Three men are gunned down at random by a convert to Islam yelling praises to Allah. North America
2017.04.17 Serbia Mitrovica 0 1 A young Serb is badly beaten with a wooden bats by Allah praisers. non-EU
2017.04.08 Russia Malgobek 2 0 Islamic militants step in front of a police car and spray two officers with machine-gun fire. non-EU
2017.04.07 Sweden Stockholm 5 14 A ‘radicalized’ Muslim steals a truck and mows down five pedestrians, including an 11-year-old girl. EU
2017.04.04 France Paris 1 0 A young Muslim man throws a 66-year-old Jewish woman to her death from a balcony while praising Allah. EU
2017.04.04 Russia Astrakhan 2 0 Islamic State gunmen take out a pair of traffic cops. non-EU
2017.04.03 Russia St. Petersburg 14 49 A Fedayeen subway bomber sends ball bearing and bolts through a subway car, aerating fourteen commuters. non-EU
2017.03.24 Chechnya Naurskaya 6 3 Islamic State militants stage a suicide attack on a Russian base, killing six defenders. non-EU
2017.03.22 England London 5 29 A Muslim man mows down pedestrians on a bridge, killing a teacher, tourist and an elderly man, before stabbing a police officer to death. A fifth victim succumbs weeks later. EU
2017.03.21 Italy Foggia 0 1 A Muslim ‘migrant’ attempts to rams his car into police, then attacks officers with a knife. EU
2017.03.18 France Paris 0 1 A man ‘here to die for Allah’ is gunned down by airport security as he tries to snatch a weapon. EU
2017.03.17 France Paris 2 0 A father and son’s throats are slit by a family member yelling ‘Allah Akbar’. EU
2017.02.03 France Paris 0 0 A man wielding a machete charges guests at the Louvre while shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’ EU
2017.01.31 USA Denver, CO 1 0 A pastor working as a security guard is shot to death at a transit office by a ‘radicalized’ Muslim. North America
2017.01.30 Chechnya Chali 2 2 Islamic extremists attack a police station, killing two members. non-EU
2017.01.11 Germany Oberhausen 0 1 A man yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer at a store parking lot. EU
2017.01.06 USA Fort Lauderdale, FL 5 6 A convert to Islam guns down five innocents in the baggage claim area of an airport. North America
2016.12.29 Austria Voecklamarkt 0 1 An Austrian woman is stabbed for reading the Bible at a refugee center. EU
2016.12.19 Germany Friedrich-Krauze-Ufer 1 0 An ‘asylum seeker’ murders a driver and steals his truck for use in another attack. EU
2016.12.19 Germany Berlin 11 48 Eleven patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a Christmas market outside a church. EU
2016.11.28 USA Columbus, OH 0 11 A Muslim immigrant goes on a stabbing rampage after expressing his desire to kill infidels. North America
2016.11.24 Ingushetia Nazran 2 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on a security group, killing two members. non-EU
2016.10.27 Chechnya Pervomayskoye 5 0 A judge is assassinated by suspected Islamic militants. non-EU
2016.10.16 Germany Hamburg 1 1 Two German teens are stabbed by a ‘radicalized’ Muslim while sitting below a bridge. EU
2016.10.05 Belgium Brussels 0 2 A man stabs two police officer while shouting in Arabic. EU
2016.09.26 Russia Kara-Tyube 1 0 A moderate Imam is shot dead by radical co-religionists. non-EU
2016.09.17 USA St. Cloud, MN 0 8 A former refugee goes on a stabbing spree at a shopping mall while speaking of Allah and asking potential victims if they are Muslim. North America
2016.09.17 USA NYC, NY 0 31 A former asylum seeker plants several explosives, one of which injures twenty-nine innocents. He also shot two policemen two days later. North America
2016.09.13 Canada Toronto, ON 1 0 A 28-year-old student is stabbed to death for arguing against Islam with a devout Muslim. North America
2016.09.09 England Hull 0 1 A Muslim man cuts and holds his neighbor at knifepoint, but is talked out of beheading after ‘frogmarching’ him to a mosque. EU
2016.09.09 Serbia Raska 0 1 A man shouting praises to Allah attacks a police officer with a machete. non-EU
2016.09.08 France Boussy-Saint-Antoine 0 1 A Muslim woman stabs a police officer after planting explosives outside a cathedral. EU
2016.09.07 Belgium Brussels 0 2 A Muslim man attacks two police officers with a knife. EU
2016.09.04 France Osny 0 2 A Muslim radical stabs two prison guards. EU
2016.09.03 France Belfort 0 2 Islamists savagely beat a writer and his son over a book about Jihad. EU
2016.09.02 France Vincennes 0 1 A Muslim radical stabs a police officer. EU
2016.08.30 France Toulouse 0 1 A young female police officer is stabbed by a Muslim in a planned attack. EU
2016.08.27 Germany Oberhausen 0 2 A couple enjoying a picnic are brutally stabbed by a man shouting praises to Allah. EU
2016.08.20 USA Roanoke, VA 0 2 A man and woman are stabbed maliciously by a ‘radicalized’ man yelling praises to Allah. North America
2016.08.19 France Strasbourg 0 1 A rabbi in orthodox clothing is stabbed by a man shouting praises to Allah. EU
2016.08.10 Canada Strathroy, ON 0 1 A suicide bomber detonates in a taxi, injuring only the driver. North America
2016.08.06 Belgium Charleroi 0 2 A man attacks two female police officers with a machete while praising Allah. EU
2016.08.03 England London 1 5 A Somali teen with mental issues runs out of a mosque and stabs an American tourist to death while chanting ‘Allah, Allah.’ EU
2016.07.24 Germany Ansbach 0 15 A Syrian ‘asylum seeker’ detonates a nail-packed suicide bomb at a wine bar outside a music festival. EU
2016.07.19 France Garda-Colombe 0 4 A mother and her three young daughters are stabbed by a Muslim man during breakfast for not being sufficiently clothed. EU
2016.07.18 Germany Wuerzburg 0 5 A ‘refugee’ with an axe hacks at people on a train while screaming ‘Allah Akbar’. EU
2016.07.14 France Nice 84 202 A Muslim migrant mows down eighty-four Bastille Day revellers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah. EU
2016.06.14 Belgium Etterbeek 0 1 A transgender is stabbed by religious radicals. EU
2016.06.13 France Magnanville 2 1 A terrorist stabs a couple to death while shouting praises to Allah. EU
2016.06.12 USA Orlando, FL 50 53 An Islamic extremist massacres fifty people at a gay nightclub. North America
2016.05.27 France Saint Julien du Puy 0 1 An off-duty soldier is stabbed by ISIS supporters while jogging. EU
2016.05.20 England London 0 4 A Turkish man yelling about Lee Rigby stabs four women in a parking lot on the third anniversary. EU
2016.05.19 Germany Baden-Württemberg 1 0 A 70-year-old woman is murdered in her home by a young Muslim who leaves a ‘religious’ note at the scene. EU
2016.05.16 Chechnya Grozny 0 6 An ISIS suicide bomber detonates after disguising himself as a goat herder. non-EU
2016.05.10 Germany Grafing 1 3 A man shouting praises to Allah stabs four commuters at a train station. EU
2016.05.09 Chechnya Grozny 1 4 A local cop is killed by a suicide bomber. non-EU
2016.04.16 Germany Essen 0 3 ISIS-inspired teens bomb a Sikh wedding. EU
2016.03.24 Scotland Glasgow 1 0 An Ahmadi minority is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim over his religious beliefs. EU
2016.03.22 Belgium Brussels 21 130 A Religion of Peace suicide blast on a subway train incinerates twenty-one commuters. EU
2016.03.22 Belgium Brussels 14 92 Fourteen people are murdered when two suicide bombers detonate nail-packed explosives at crowded airline counters. EU
2016.03.14 Canada Toronto, ON 0 2 A man stabs two soldiers at a recruiting center, saying that he was just following Allah’s instructions. North America
2016.03.11 Ingushetia Nazran 0 4 ‘Problems in the religious sphere’ result in a car bomb blast outside a mosque. non-EU
2016.03.07 Chechnya Grozny 1 0 Video surfaces showing religious radicals executing a man with a shot to the head. non-EU
2016.02.29 Russia Moscow 1 0 A woman beheads a child, saying that it was revenge for ‘spilled Muslim blood’ in Syria. non-EU
2016.02.26 Germany Hanover 0 1 A ‘radicalized’ teen girl stabs a female police officer. EU
2016.02.18 England Rochdale 1 0 A popular imam is beaten to death by Muslims with terror ties. EU
2016.02.11 USA Columbus, OH 0 4 Four people at a Christian-owned restaurant with an Israeli flag are slashed by a Muslim wielding a machete yelling ‘Allah Akbar’… North America
2016.01.27 Sweden Tanum 1 0 A 60-year-old man is stabbed to death by one of his employees after being accused of ‘Islamophobia’… EU
2016.01.11 France Marseille 0 1 A Jewish teacher is attacked with a machete ‘in the name of Allah.’ EU
2016.01.07 USA Philadelphia, PA 0 1 A man shoots a police officer three times ‘in the name of Islam’. North America
2016.01.01 France Valence 0 2 Two other people are injured when a Muslim deliberately rams French guards outside a mosque. EU
2015.12.28 Georgia Tbilisi 1 0 A 22-year-old Shiite is stabbed to death by a Salafi over ‘religious hatred’. non-EU
2015.12.05 England London 0 3 A Muslim with a machete slashes commuters at a subway station. EU
2015.12.02 USA San Bernardino, CA 14 17 A ‘very religious’ Muslim shoots up a Christmas party with his wife, leaving fourteen dead. North America
2015.11.18 Bosnia Sarajevo 2 1 An ‘ultra-conservative’ Salafi fires an automatic weapon into a gambling shop, killing two guards. non-EU
2015.11.18 France Marseille 0 1 A Jewish teacher is stabbed by ‘radicalized’ Muslims. EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 89 322 Islamic terrorists open fire and throw bombs during a concert at a music hall, slaughtering nearly ninety innocents while shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ (Bataclan). EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 19 9 Islamic terrorists pile up nineteen bodies at a restaurant (Belle Equipe). EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 15 10 Islamic terrorists massacre fifteen innocents at two restaurants (Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge). EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 5 8 Islamic terrorists shoot up a bar and pizzeria, killing five patrons (La Bonne Biere, Casa Nostra). EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 1 0 Islamic terrorists eliminate a passerby with two suicide blasts outside a soccer stadium (Stade de France) and a nearby McDonalds’s. EU
2015.11.13 France Paris 0 3 Islamic terrorists stage a suicide bombing outside a cafe Comptoir Voltaire). EU
2015.11.12 Italy Milan 0 1 A Haredi Jew is stabbed nine times by a masked Muslim. EU
2015.11.04 USA Merced, CA 0 4 A student vowing to behead and ‘praise Allah’ stabs four others on campus. North America
2015.10.24 France Marseille 0 2 A man yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ attacks a rabbi in a synagogue and stabs another Jew trying to help. EU
2015.10.07 Germany Dessau 1 0 A young refugee is honor killed on the order of her family after being gang-raped in Syria. EU
2015.09.29 Denmark Copenhagen 0 1 A Palestinian ISIS sympathizer stabs a policeman at a refugee center. EU
2015.09.17 Germany Berlin 0 1 An Islamic extremist stabs a policewoman in the neck. EU
2015.09.14 England White Chapel 1 0 A faith healer is stabbed to death in a targeted attack by a religious Muslim. EU
2015.08.21 France Paris 0 3 A Muslim trained by ISIS opens fire with a Kalashnikov on a train before being subdued by unarmed American passengers. EU
2015.08.20 Russia Pyatigorsk 1 0 A moderate imam is assassinated by more radical co-religionists. non-EU
2015.07.16 USA Chattanooga 5 2 A ‘devout Muslim’ stages a suicide attack on a recruiting center at a strip mall and a naval center which leaves five dead. North America
2015.06.26 France Lyon 1 2 A ‘normal Muslim’ attacks a factory, beheads one worker and raises the Islamist flag after hoisting the severed head on a fence. EU
2015.06.21 Austria Graz 3 34 A 4-year-old boy is among three slain in a shopping district by a ‘mentally ill’ Muslim with a stated interest in Jihad. EU
2015.05.10 Macedonia Kumanovo 8 37 Muslim terrorists wage a running battle with police, killing at least eight. non-EU
2015.05.03 USA Garland, TX 0 1 Two Muslims stage a suicide assault on a conference critical of Islam. North America
2015.04.27 Bosnia Zvornik 1 2 A man yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ opens fire on a police station in the Serbian area, killing one person inside. non-EU
2015.04.19 France Villejuif 1 0 A 24-year-old woman is shot to death by an Islamic extremist who planned a shooting rampage. EU
2015.04.16 Italy Sicily 12 0 A dozen Christians on a refugee boat are thrown to their deaths by Muslims. EU
2015.03.10 Austria Liesing 1 0 A ‘migrant’ stabs an older man to death on the grounds that his music was against Islam. EU
2015.02.15 Denmark Copenhagen 1 2 A 37-year-old Jewish man guarding a synagogue is gunned down by a Muslim radical. EU
2015.02.14 Denmark Copenhagen 1 3 A gunman praises Allah and fires into a cafe hosting a free speech event organized by a cartoonist critical of Islam, killing one participant. EU
2015.02.14 USA Detroit, MI 0 2 Two men are stabbed by a Muslim who first verified that they were unbelievers. North America
2015.02.03 France Nice 0 3 Three French soldiers standing guard at a Jewish center are stabbed by a radical Muslim. EU
2015.01.29 Ireland North Belfast 1 0 An immigrant from Somalia stabs a man to death on the street while yelling a ‘Jihadi war cry’. EU
2015.01.09 France Paris 4 5 Four hostages are taken and killed by an Islamic gunman at a Jewish grocery. EU
2015.01.08 France Montrouge 1 1 A policewoman investigating a traffic accident is ambushed and killed by a Muslim extremist. EU
2015.01.07 France Paris 12 10 A dozen people are slaughtered by gunmen ‘avenging’ the prophet at a newspaper office which printed satirical cartoons critical of Islam. EU
2014.12.22 France Nantes 1 9 One person is left clinically dead when yet another man shouting Allah Akbar plunges his car into a Christmas market. EU
2014.12.21 France Dijon 0 13 A convert to Islam praises Allah as he runs down pedestrians with his car ‘for the children of Palestine’. EU
2014.12.20 France Joue-les-Tours 0 3 A foreign-born Muslim attacks French police officer with a knife while shouting praises to Allah. EU
2014.12.18 USA Morganton, NC 1 0 A 74-year-old man is shot several times in the head by a ‘radicalized’ ISIS supporter. North America
2014.12.09 Bosnia Trnovi 0 1 An imam is stabbed shortly after condemning ISIS. EU
2014.12.04 Chechnya Grozny 14 28 Fourteen guards are killed in a brazen attack on a housing complex by Islamic militants. non-EU
2014.10.23 USA NYC, NY 0 5 Four rookie cops and a female bystander are assaulted with an axe by a Muslim who says he is acting in the cause of Allah. North America
2014.10.22 Canada Ottawa, ON 1 1 A reserve soldier is killed during attacks on a war memorial and parliament building by a Muslim extremist. North America
2014.10.20 Canada Montreal, QB 1 1 A convert to Islam runs down two Canadian soldiers with his car ‘in the name of Allah’. North America
2014.10.05 Chechnya Grozny 5 12 Five people are sectionalized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. non-EU
2014.09.30 Georgia Pankisi Gorge 0 1 A woman is stabbed in the breast by her fundamentalist brother for not wearing a hijab. non-EU
2014.09.25 USA Moore, OK 1 1 A Sharia advocate beheads a woman while shouting Islamic slogans. North America
2014.08.16 Russia Vladikavkaz 1 0 A moderate imam is shot seven times by suspected Islamic radicals. non-EU
2014.06.25 USA West Orange, NJ 1 0 A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas. North America
2014.06.17 Norway Oslo 0 1 A moderate imam is stabbed by a member of his mosque after denouncing radicals. EU
2014.06.01 USA Seattle, WA 2 0 Two homosexuals are murdered by an Islamic extremist. North America
2014.05.24 Belgium Brussels 4 0 An Islamic extremist shoots four people to death outside a Jewish museum. EU
2014.05.24 Djibouti Djibouti City 1 15 Two suicide bombers detonate in a restaurant, but manage to kill only one patron. EU
2014.05.17 England Accrington 0 1 A political candidate is stabbed in the face by a Muslim calling him an ‘infidel’. EU
2014.05.13 Ingushetia Gazi-Yurt 1 0 A police officer is shot execution-style by Islamic terrorists. non-EU
2014.04.27 USA Skyway, WA 1 0 A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic. North America
2014.04.03 Chechnya Yandi 4 7 Four Russians are killed by an Islamist bomb. non-EU
2014.03.06 USA Port Bolivar, TX 2 0 A Muslim man shoots his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality. North America
2014.01.09 Russia Stavropol Krai 6 0 Six victims of suspected Islamists are discovered shot in the head. non-EU