Some Useful Definitions

There are some terms you’ll see used often on American Infrasound that aren’t always fully defined in the article they’re mentioned. I’ve done my best to define the most common terms more comprehensively here.


The Left (or Leftism):  This term is normally used to refer to individuals or movements that call themselves “Liberal”, “Progressive”, “Socialist”, or other similar monikers. In general “the Left” is the offspring of Marxism in the West, and today it is any movement that applies an “Oppressor vs. the Oppressed” model to its view of the world and of social justice. Whereas traditional Marxism saw the actors in this war to be the Bourgeousie vs. the Workers (or Capitalism vs. Socialism), in our day the Oppressed have been morphed along the lines of race, gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status. The Oppressor is anyone the Left sees as oppressing these categories of people, but the commonest culprits are western, traditional, white, male, Christian, pluralist, and/or capitalist.

Personally I do not believe the Left is a conspiracy, but a coalition of like-minded individuals, organizations, and world views. Because Leftism is inherently totalitarian in policy prescriptions, there is nearly always a centralizing, or centripetal tendency to the Left that makes it (apparently) more monolithic or conformist than the Right.

The Right (or Rightism):  This isn’t a term you’ll see very often on AI, but for the sake of completeness we’ll definite it here. The Right is essentially any western political or philosophical world view that rejects Leftism, and specifically in favor of a more traditional view. Because the Right is anti-Left and anti-totalitarian, the Right is usually fragmented. Since freedom of speech and pluralistic democracy are the primary creeds of the Right, the Right neither hangs together as well as the Left nor does it enforce conformity.

The old problem of how to define Hitler’s Nazis is important to touch on here. Socialists have often argued that Nazism and fascism were “right wing” movements. In actuality those movements only pretended a conservatism and a right-side traditionalism, but once in power were totalitarian, highly centralized, anti-democratic, and adhered rigrously to central planning. Therefore Nazism and fascism were much more Left than Right.

Radical Islam (or Islamism, Jihadism):  These descriptions are applied most specifically to the brand of Islam that is migrating to the west (and their sponsors) and not to the view of Islam held by the majority of Muslims. It is generally Sunni, Wahabbist, and Salafist, though I’m not going to take the time here to define all of these in detail.

Central Planning:  The standard modus operandi of the Left is for an authoritative group of elite rulers to conceive and implement a PLAN – whether for a school system, an industry, a nation, or the world. The stated purpose of the Plan is to bring “social justice” to all citizens.

Totalitarianism:  AI uses this term not only to describe the practical end result of applied Leftism, but also the aim of Islamist-inspired movements, such as the implementation of sharia law. Totalitarianism is any form of government or policy that restricts free speech and democratic pluralism.