Trump So Far Failing to Declare Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

Developments large and small are testing the administration’s commitment to countering Islamic supremacist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood — essential tests to pass if the president is to carry out his stated agenda to defeat radical Islam.

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Earth Might Not Survive If Scott Pruitt Put in Charge of EPA. Also … Hitler!

What could be worse than Hitler and destroying planet Earth? Clearly nothing. So the establishment media, becoming amusingly less coherent on a near-daily basis since last month’s elections, has fallen into a feverish hysteria. Regardless of the fact that Donald Trump has never been a conservative nor any kind of political ideologue at all, and despite the fact that none of the people he has selected for cabinet positions thus far even donated to his campaign (most didn’t even support him), CNN and the lefty press wants you to know that you have elected Adolf Hitler.

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President Trump, the New Congress, and Immigration Reform

By preventing a Hillary Clinton administration we’ve dodged a potentially fatal bullet to American democracy, but the mere act of electing Donald Trump won’t automatically make anything better. What we will have, however, is a real opportunity to address the crippling, urgent problem of illegal immigration – which for the first time ever became a high-profile campaign issue in U.S. elections.

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The Most Important Election in Our Lifetimes (and Maybe the Last Chance for Democracy)

This election will determine the fate of our nation. With Donald Trump we have a chance, and it is only that. Over the past few years we have learned to our shock and dismay just how corrupt and out of touch our elected officials really are. They have an agenda and it does not include the American people, except in extracting as much of our resources as possible. They are a powerful force. I don’t know if Donald Trump can overcome it, but I do know that no one else can.

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Democrats Welcome Foreign Influence Over U.S. Elections

There are illegal immigrants roaming the streets of Virginia and Pennsylvania this election season, and they are telling Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

CASA in Action, a nonprofit political and legislative advocacy organization, has recruited a number of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, to go door to door in the two critical swing states on behalf of Democrat candidates for office.

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You Can Smell Hillary’s Fear

In the final stretch of the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton has gone to war with the FBI.

The word “unprecedented” has been thrown around so often this election that it ought to be retired. But it’s still unprecedented for the nominee of a major political party to go war with the FBI.

But that’s exactly what Hillary and her people have done. Coma patients just waking up now and watching an hour of CNN from their hospital beds would assume that FBI Director James Comey is Hillary’s opponent in this election.
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