The Real Lessons of the Dutch Elections

The usual political home of Muslims in Europe heretofore — the socialist Left, suffered a grievous defeat, with the Dutch Labor party losing all but 9 of its 38 seats. This is a testament to the growth of political Islam in Europe and signifies a new era. The new Islamist party is called Denk (‘think’ in Dutch, “equality” in Turkish) and it was founded by former Labor parliamentarians who are ethnically Turkish. Denk is as radical as Erdogan’s AKP, of which Denk claims to be an affiliate.

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One Writer’s Thoughts on World War III

Wherever the world is going, it seems to be getting there faster than it was five years ago and much faster than it was ten years ago. But where are we heading to? Many observers of current events have ideas and predictions, but Matthew Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, has one of the most interesting takes of all.

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The Plain Facts of Western Demographics

This makes for eerie reading, but the statistics are incontrovertible and we simply must face this reality. Canadian author Mark Steyn’s thoughts on the confluence of the West’s falling birth rate and the importation of millions of Mulsims into Europe and North America. “Eurabia” is not hysterical fear, it’s nearly a mathematical certainty.

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The Incredible Shrinking Western Civilization

Western civilization is disappearing under the importation of millions of high birth-rate Muslims. But that’s only half the reason why the West is dying – the other reason has nothing to do with Islam at all.

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Not Pleasant Subjects, But We Must Face Polygamy, Child Brides, and Female Genital Mutilation in Europe

If we care about the humane, dignified treatment of women and children, we must at least familiarize ourselves these growing trends in Europe.

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U.S. Welfare Now Pays for 4 ‘Wives’ per Husband (Wry Smile)

The territory of Utah applied numerous times in the late 19th century to become a state of the Union, but its applications were repeatedly denied by the U.S. government. When Utah finally disavowed polygamy, they were admitted as the 45th state in 1896. Polygamy was never considered fair or appropriate by the American nation, and it was a good thing that Utah was able to get over it.

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