Yet Another Faked Hate Crime – That’s at Least 25 Since the Start of 2015

Why is this news? Because the Left loves to use ‘Hate’ as a political weapon, a crowbar to press its agenda forward. And as the record shows, if they can’t find hate (which they often can’t), they have no qualms about faking it with “false flag” operations.

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Look for Leftist Street Violence in Cleveland

Leftist groups are planning to “protest” the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month, though one wonders what will be protested: the right to assemble peaceably? Freedom of association? Freedom of speech? If recent experience holds true, we can expect organized violence by rent-a-mobs directed at both Trump supporters and the police. It’s an old trick of totalitarian thugs. Continue reading “Look for Leftist Street Violence in Cleveland”

Get ready for election violence, courtesy of the tolerant Left

American elections and election-related events such as conventions and rallies have been peaceful and law-abiding for the last century or more, one minor exception being the leftist-inspired riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. However, the leftist elite in America, after nearly eight years of unprecedented successes, is justifiably concerned about a huge popular backlash against its many lawless, arbitary, and power-grabbing shenanigans during the Obama administration. Which is why it plans to do everything it can to disrupt, obfuscate, or otherwise sabotage the people’s attempt to be heard at the polls this year.

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A political spectrum that simply measures Centralized vs. Decentralized control

I saw this fascinating graphic – a political ideology continuum that turns the axis vertical to avoid the “left vs. right” paradigm we usually see and which isn’t always accurate. The top represents the most government control – central planning, authoritarian, etc. The bottom is the least government control – localized control only, or anarchy. This is in some ways a much more useful way to view and discuss political opinions today. In this graphic, both German Nazism and Soviet Communism would be together at the top, while a confederated, tribal system of local authority would be near (but not at) the bottom.