The Real Lessons of the Dutch Elections

The usual political home of Muslims in Europe heretofore — the socialist Left, suffered a grievous defeat, with the Dutch Labor party losing all but 9 of its 38 seats. This is a testament to the growth of political Islam in Europe and signifies a new era. The new Islamist party is called Denk (‘think’ in Dutch, “equality” in Turkish) and it was founded by former Labor parliamentarians who are ethnically Turkish. Denk is as radical as Erdogan’s AKP, of which Denk claims to be an affiliate.

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Erdogan’s Caliphate: The NATO Member Holding Europe over a Barrel

There is no provision in the NATO treaty that permits throwing a member nation out of NATO. Turkey no longer makes a pretense of being a democratic state. As the Islamic state it has become, it cannot coexist with democracies. Last week, Erdogan blocked military exercises with NATO “partner” nations. He is evidently willing to continue to escalate his conflicts with NATO, believing there will be no response, because he has the EU over a barrel on the refugee issue.

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Dutch Town Cancels Christmas Celebrations for Fear of Berlin-style Jihad Massacre

Timidity in the face of barbarity. We’ve seen this pattern increasing across Europe as the 2015 wave of massive Muslim immigration has led to jihadist attacks and fear of attacks. Here was a case not so much of a specific threat as it was the native Dutch citizens deciding they simply didn’t want their elementary school children to experience an atmosphere of unease during a town Christmas festival.

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And This Year’s “Draw Mohammed” Winner Is…

…Bosch Fawstin! Honestly, given his past achievements in this area, it wasn’t highly unlikely. And this year the former Muslim from Albania has drawn the prophet looking out of prison at his jailer: Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders.

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1400 Girls Raped and Pimped by Muslim “Grooming Gangs” in UK, Netherlands

Any government, organization, or people group that can’t be freely criticized is an ideal place for corruption to thrive unchecked, particularly over the long term. To determine if wrongdoing or corruption exists in any place, you have to “check” that place. If the place is uncheckable (for any number of reasons), it will inevitably become a soft landing place for crime.

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