Apathy, Balcony Girls, & Islamic Honor Violence in Sweden

To understand what will be happening in America in five to ten years, again we need only look at what’s happening in Sweden today. A widespread cultural denial of Islamic violence is necessary to maintain the liberal ideal of Sweden as a successful progressive socialist utopia – even at the expense of children falling into comas and girls falling off balconies.

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Georgetown U. Explicitly Defends Slavery, Rape

Georgetown had changed the names of Mulledy Hall and McSherry Hall because Mulledy and McSherry had once been involved in selling some slaves back in the early 19th century. When Christina Hoff Sommers spoke at Georgetown, feminists demanded trigger warnings and a university official threatened College Republicans. But defending actual slavery and rape is still okay at Georgetown. So long as it’s committed by Muslims under the license of the Koran.

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Tattoos and Wristbands: Europe’s “Empowering” Response to Male Migrant Sex Violence

As a result of increasingly prevalent sexual attacks on women and children at music festivals, public pools, and elsewhere in Europe, authorities in several countries have adopted weak, ineffectual attempts to address the problem. First there was the free “Don’t Grope Me” wristbands distributed in Sweden, and now there are “No! Not with me!” temporary tattoos in Germany. As if these will solve anything.

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Do We Have to Live with This?

What happens when we are no longer appalled at murder, rape, child abuse, and massacres? What kind of people will we become if we deafen our ears and close our eyes to pure evil on film, broadcast to the world like the muezzin’s call?

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Unvetted Muslim Migrants Flooding into the U.S. in Near Secrecy

The worst thing about this massive importation is not who the people are or where they’re from. It’s that they’re being ferried in and resettled around the country without the approval or oversight of any representative body, national, state, or local. In other words no congress or state assembly ever gets to vote on it, examine it, or discuss it; and communities who end up receiving these resettled migrants don’t even know what’s about to hit them until people start arriving by the hundreds.

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“Don’t Grope Me” Wristbands Will Stop Migrant Rape in Sweden

Sweden, a nation considered for decades a model of civility and safety, has recently become not just the rape capital of Europe but of the entire world, second only to Lesotho. The vast majority of these rapes in the last two years have been committed by Muslim migrants not accustomed to encountering women  A) in public without a husband or brother; B) not being nearly invisible.

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