The Left’s Shameful Hypocrisy on Refugees

The President of the United States announced that refugees fleeing persecution by a totalitarian regime would be deported. It did not matter that they had risked their lives to come here. They would be sent back. No leftist lawyers crammed airports. No protesters chanted at terminals. No celebrities offered sanctimonious lectures about “who we are”. No one dared to call the lying thug behind it un-American.

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Obama Shows His True Colors as He Leaves Office

Barack Obama did not go out quietly. His unquiet final acts were overshadowed, in part by a successor who refused to come in quietly, and in part by Obama’s own endless, sentimental farewell tour. But there was nothing nostalgic or sentimental about Obama’s last acts. Two of them were simply shocking.

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The Radical Left’s Plans to Sabotage the Inauguration

Left wing thugs are planning to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities.  An umbrella organization, #DisruptJ20, also known as the DC Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee, describes its mission as “building the framework needed for mass protests to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump and planning widespread direct actions to make that happen.” Such actions will include setting up blockades at checkpoints to prevent people from gaining access to the inauguration proceedings. In addition to attempting to shut down the inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations, they are “planning to paralyze the city itself.”

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NY Times: In the Name of “Humanity” We Must Violently Prevent “Fascist” Inauguration

The New York Times, once a newspaper, has printed a full-page ad from the Revolutionary Communist Party calling (in so many words) for the overthrow of the government: “Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do — creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling.”

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Where’s Obama’s DoJ When Electoral College Members Get Death Threats?

When President Obama cares about any incident in America, he’ll step right up to a mic and camera to tell the nation his opinion. He’s done it many times, sometimes only hours after a complicated incident has occurred where next to nothing conclusive is yet known – such as the 2014 Ferguson, MO attack on a policeman by thug Michael Brown the president mistakenly attributed to racist police brutality.

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Earth Might Not Survive If Scott Pruitt Is Put in Charge of the EPA. Also … Hitler!

What could be worse than Hitler and destroying planet Earth? Clearly nothing. So the establishment media, becoming amusingly less coherent on a near-daily basis since last month’s elections, has fallen into a feverish hysteria. Regardless of the fact that Donald Trump has never been a conservative nor any kind of political ideologue at all, and despite the fact that none of the people he has selected for cabinet positions thus far even donated to his campaign (most didn’t even support him), CNN and the lefty press wants you to know that you have elected Adolf Hitler.

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