Paid Leftist Thuggery in Charlotte – the Perfect Distraction from Islamic Terrorism

After a disastrous weekend for Obama’s immigration, gun control, and FBI policies, punctuated by yet more preventable Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil, the president really needed a distraction. And what better place for the Left to create this than at ground zero in one of the few states to openly – and popularly – resist Obama’s insane transgender bathroom proclamation. So agitprop thugs BLM are at it again, with an insta-mob riot in North Carolina where the Left really needs to get out the vote about a month from now.

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A Primer on George Soros: The Black Hand

This is the first of several upcoming articles to appear on AI that discuss billionaire leftist financier George Soros. His anti-western and anti-America passion has driven decades of activism of the most insidious kind – projects designed to bring about chaos, destabilization, and suffering of ordinary people, all to achieve his grand scheme for mankind.

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Report Debunks ‘Born That Way’ Narrative and ‘Transgender’ Label for Kids

by Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan [The Federalist]  *  23 August, 2016

Political correctness about human sexuality is fostering horror stories for some of the nation’s most vulnerable children and their families. A new report attempts to clear that away to present the science.

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Forcing Women and Girls to Allow Men in Their Bathrooms: a Bridge Too Far

How has it come to this?

If anyone is still having trouble just coming to grips with the fact that we, as a nation, are actually debating whether to inject men into women’s bathrooms, you’re not alone. You should still be having trouble coming to grips with it, especially with so many issues facing our nation right now that are actually substantive.

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The Left devours its own – Peter Tatchell

It doesn’t matter how long your social justice warrior resume is or how bravely you’ve fought: if you run afoul of the Left establishment, you will be silenced.

Apparently Peter Tatchell wasn’t far enough Left. The life-long campaigner for gay rights, transgender rights, and an anti-racism advocate recently found himself essentially “no platformed” (banned) by Britain’s National Union of Students. In a recent editorial in the Telegraph’s Education section, Tatchell described his predicament:

Free speech and enlightenment values are under attack in our universities. In the worthy name of defending the weak and marginalised, many student activists are now adopting the unworthy tactic of seeking to close down open debate. They want to censor people they disagree with. I am their latest victim.

This is not quite the Star Chamber, but it is the same intolerant mentality. Student leader Fran Cowling has denounced me as racist and transphobic, even though I’ve supported every anti-racist and pro-transgender campaign during my 49 years of human rights work.

Fran is the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Officer of the National Union of Students (NUS). She refused to speak at an LGBT event at Canterbury Christ Church University tonight unless I was dropped from the line-up. This is a variation of the NUS “no-platform” policy; instead of blocking me from speaking, Fran is refusing to share a platform with me.

What has caused this celebrated social justice campaigner to be treated this way? Tatchell went on to describe his “offense” in Ms. Cowling’s opinion.

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