The Collapse of the Center-Left in America

Two or ten years ago, depicting the execution of your own president in the U.S. and broadcasting that to the world was a super inappropriate thing to do, let alone openly inciting others to violence against his person or family. Even the extremists of those times never went that far. But apparently all that’s changed now. “You can trace a line from Occupy Wall Street in 2011 through Black Lives Matter in 2013 through Bernie Sanders in 2016 through the Women’s March a year later, Tom Steyer’s and Maxine Waters’s impeachment campaigns, the growing prominence of Democratic Socialists of America, and the movement to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement today.

But despite the insane furore in America, even a year and a half later, over the election of someone as unlikely as Donald Trump, the collapse of the Center-Left is not just or even primarily an American phenomenon. Have a look at this article by a Cambridge leftist about how throughout Europe the mainstream left is losing consistently for the first time since the Second World War. The moderate left, the democratic socialists or “soft socialists” who have been mostly in power since the late ’40s, are completely falling apart: losing adherents to the Far-Left and the Middle-Right. What’s the cause of this completely new, unprecedented, and unpredicted trend?

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Where’s Obama’s DoJ When Electoral College Members Get Death Threats?

When President Obama cares about any incident in America, he’ll step right up to a mic and camera to tell the nation his opinion. He’s done it many times, sometimes only hours after a complicated incident has occurred where next to nothing conclusive is yet known – such as the 2014 Ferguson, MO attack on a policeman by thug Michael Brown the president mistakenly attributed to racist police brutality.

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Democrats Welcome Foreign Influence Over U.S. Elections

There are illegal immigrants roaming the streets of Virginia and Pennsylvania this election season, and they are telling Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

CASA in Action, a nonprofit political and legislative advocacy organization, has recruited a number of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, to go door to door in the two critical swing states on behalf of Democrat candidates for office.

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Obama Invites Hundreds of Foreign “Election Observers” to Monitor Electoral Process

by Rick Moran  *  7 October, 2016

Banana Republics around the world are being invited to send representatives to the US to monitor polling places on election day. Just think how much about voter fraud we can learn from them!

President Obama has invited the foreigners ostensibly to make sure that all the illegal aliens, non citizens, felons, and dead people who want to vote, will get to cast their ballot.

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Vote Fraud and the Future of the Republic

by Thomas Lifson [American Thinker]  *  9-22-16 

The left is making a bet that its vote fraud efforts can be disguised from the public long enough to win this election, and then open the floodgates to ensure that the left permanently rules America (and completes the fundamental transformation Obama promised).  There is every reason to fear massive vote fraud targeted at ensuring that a faltering Hillary Clinton takes the election.

The key is to import millions of Democrat voters from groups that reliably offer 90%+ support to the left and its promises of free stuff.  With Hillary in Oval Office and controlling the bureaucracy, citizenship can be accelerated.  But as shocking studies show, noncitizens are already voting in large numbers and affecting elections.

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Dem Operative Who Orchestrated Violence at Rallies Visited WH 340 times, Met with Obama Personally 40 Times

Outrageous and highly illegal. This former federal prison time-server, who’s made it where he is today in the Democratic party as a practitioner of the leftist creeds of agitprop and voting fraud, is now known to have visited Obama’s White House 340 over the last seven years, roughly 40 of those visits being personal meetings with the president himself. This is what the Left does by its nature and what they intend to do on Election Day.

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