Waving our Hands and Saying “Make it Free!” Doesn’t Make It Free

When politicians decide to make something “free”, what that really means is they pass the typical cost on to others who don’t directly benefit from the goods or services being provided. Those folks in turn make adjustments to make up for their loss by alleviating this cost via something else – their customers, their charities, their investments. When people are made to pay, repeatedly and significantly, for something from which they did not benefit, the ripple effect of passing the buck continues until it gets back to the people to whom the benefit was originally given. Have you spotted the problem?

And when the patient, in this case, finds themselves in harder circumstances than before, they request more government assistance again. If the government agrees, they push the additional costs to a group of people who again gain no benefit, and the cycle continues. This is why everything “socialized”, from medicine to groceries to electricity, continues to rise in price until no one can afford the basics, and the government must step in and actively set price and wage controls on everything. And that’s when the real havoc begins. See Venezuela and South Africa for the latest in a long line examples of this. Regardless of the motivation, whether it’s compensation for perceived past injustices, or a simple moral impulse to make something “free”, when government intervenes too far into individuals’ freedom to transact for goods and services with a provider of their own choice, without coercion, really bad things start to happen.

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Ben Carson, Raised in Poverty but Who Escaped It, Frightens Left as HUD Secretary

Like Nancy Devos, Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, James Mattis, and other presidential nominees who aren’t leftists intent on central planning and social engineering, Dr. Ben Carson is now getting his media punishment too. An African-American who grew up in desperate poverty in the ghettos of Detroit and Boston, whose mother worked three jobs, and who escaped being poor through hard work and determination, is a “disturbing” choice for secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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“If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor too.”

So how’s your health insurance these days? Better than it was five years ago? Less expensive, as the president promised? Procedures and prescriptions covered more comprehensively? We thought not. Barack Obama was advised by his handlers not to make these promises in 2009, but he did it anyway. Not only was the Affordable Care Act built on lies told to the public, it was actually designed to fail. But why would anyone do that? Because it’s difficult to pass a bill publicly that creates socialized health care outright. Much easier to create a temporary diversion, Obamacare, that promises the world but delivers little to nothing on those promises, then “rescue” the failed system by ushering it quickly and stealthily (non-democratically) into a single-payer system when the planned system goes into a life support crisis.

Perspicacious observers accurately predicted at the time that Obamacare – which was passed without a single republican vote in either chamber –  was intentionally designed to fail and was never more than a feint to distract attention from the real, though unstated, goal of moving to a single-payer system, the holy grail of socialist central planners where health care is “free”. And now that Obamacare is completely unraveling, the lies that were told to sell this debacle to the American people are becoming exposed.

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Vote Fraud and the Future of the Republic

by Thomas Lifson [American Thinker]  *  9-22-16 

The left is making a bet that its vote fraud efforts can be disguised from the public long enough to win this election, and then open the floodgates to ensure that the left permanently rules America (and completes the fundamental transformation Obama promised).  There is every reason to fear massive vote fraud targeted at ensuring that a faltering Hillary Clinton takes the election.

The key is to import millions of Democrat voters from groups that reliably offer 90%+ support to the left and its promises of free stuff.  With Hillary in Oval Office and controlling the bureaucracy, citizenship can be accelerated.  But as shocking studies show, noncitizens are already voting in large numbers and affecting elections.

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EURABIA: The Plain Facts of Western Demographics

This makes for eerie reading, but the statistics are incontrovertible and we simply must face this reality. Canadian author Mark Steyn’s thoughts on the confluence of the West’s falling birth rate and the importation of millions of Mulsims into Europe and North America. “Eurabia” is not hysterical fear, it’s nearly a mathematical certainty.

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Black Lives Matter Releases “Policy Agenda”

Black Lives Matter, an anti-democratic agitprop front group funded in part by George Soros, recently released a “policy agenda”. Speaking in melodramatic, generalized sentences (like “End the war on black people.”), the group’s supposed leadership unfortunately shows only cliches and slogans.

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