EURABIA: The Plain Facts of Western Demographics

This makes for eerie reading, but the statistics are incontrovertible and we simply must face this reality. Canadian author Mark Steyn’s thoughts on the confluence of the West’s falling birth rate and the importation of millions of Mulsims into Europe and North America. “Eurabia” is not hysterical fear, it’s nearly a mathematical certainty.

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The Incredible Shrinking Western Civilization

Western civilization is disappearing under the importation of millions of high birth-rate Muslims. But that’s only half the reason why the West is dying – the other reason has nothing to do with Islam at all.

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Gay Marriage: The Left’s Purpose Was Never “Equality”

20 March, 2016

Last year when I read Daniel Greenfield’s brilliant article (republished in its entirety below) it started a process in my head of multiple mental jigsaw puzzle pieces falling into place.

The “presenting issue” was the strange campaign for Gay Marriage, an amazing phenomenon in American history the likes of which had never happened before: an entirely novel moral issue addressing essential human nature that presented itself at a national level quite out of nowhere, was initially sort of a joke, became a concerted campaign with vast amounts of money spent, and in two or three years achieved a sweeping, nearly total victory – a fundamental redefinition of human society at the cultural, legal, and political levels, including the criminalization of dissent. As others have stated, a majority of people in a democracy don’t change their minds about something this fundamental in just three years. Far less momentous issues have taken 10, 20 years, or a few generations to complete the full arc from “joke to dogma“. A few examples: homosexuality, abortion, slavery, and no-fault divorce.

But Gay Marriage was an entirely different ball of wax. It came, saw, and conquered nearly effortlessly in less than a single presidential election cycle. What I learned from this brilliant article by Daniel Greenfield was that, while Gay Marriage was genuinely supported for what it claimed to be – the right for same-sex couples to marry – by its average supporters, the forces that conceived of, funded, and “delivered” Gay Marriage to America as a fait accompli in just three years, had no actual concern for gay couples or gay people at all and was ultimately aiming for something much bigger and infinitely more sinister.

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